Happy, rich, healthy and blessed or serving God? Which would you choose? I want them all!

I don’t know about you, but far too often, I feel like people — Christians! — want me to choose between being happy and serving God. Do I want a miracle or the miracle-maker? Do I want to be married, or single, but in love with Christ? Do I want to be rich or “spiritually wealthy”? Do I want to have friends or do I want Christ to be my friend? People make it seem like it’s one or the other, because those could never coexist. Happy and serving Christ? Healthy and a great relationship with God? Married and totally in love with Jesus?

Beloved, we need not choose between those things! Enough of this nonsense! The Bible says that when God gave us Jesus, He gave us everything else, too! (See Romans 8:32)

I, for far too long, tried to tell myself that I didn’t want those things. Oh, I don’t want friends, Jesus is my friend. I don’t want to be wealthy, I’m spiritually rich. and so on. But denying myself of those blessings left me extremely unsatisfied. Don’t get me wrong, those things on their own don’t make happy. But beloved, we do have Christ! People always say, “Things can’t make you happy. Only Christ can!” But we, as Christians, do have Christ! It seems to me that no one ever made the “jump” to, Well, now that we have Christ, all these other things will be truly enjoyable! Don’t starve yourself of pleasure! It’s not God’s will, and deep in your heart, you know it’s not what you desire. I’m not saying we ought to indulge in sin, but that we enjoy the blessings that God has promised us — relationships, health, wealth, yes, even things!

God wants us, His beloved children, to have friends, to be prosperous, to be healthy and so much more! Having those things does not mean we’re not serving God as much as someone else or that our relationship with God isn’t as good as it should be. Having Jesus means having those things and enjoying them to their full capacity!

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